Introductory Session: 60€ (75mins).

Choose this if we have not worked together before – the extra time allows for more discussion in the beginning and to get an idea of your reasons for coming.


Pay It Forward: gift a friend an Introductory Session (60€ for 75mins).

Gift Vouchers will be sent to you as a PDF and are valid for 3 months.

Email me the name of your friend, the desired start date and I’ll send you the payment details.

REGULAR/ON-GOING SESSIONS: 60€ – 80€ sliding scale (60mins).
  • 70€ = Regular fee, for those with regular, stable-income
  • 60€ = Reduced fee, low-income bracket
  • 80€ = For those with more resources to support low-fee sessions

– *50€ Sessions for people on ALG1&2 and students in Full-time Education (eg. Uni).

– For 90min sessions, add 50% to the relevant fee above.

Children: 45.00€ (45mins).

For up to 16yrs.

*Please note that I have a 24hr cancellation policy of 40€ and a 12hr policy of full-fee.*

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45 € - 80 €
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