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is a gentle & touch-based bodywork // originates from osteopathy // works to re-establish the mind-body connection & orients to the innate wisdom & the Health that is always present in the body // supports the body’s natural ability for self-care, re-balance & repair // promotes relaxation, rest, recuperation, resourcing, & ultimately reconnection – both to yourself & to a sense of greater belonging.

Craniosacral Biodynamics promotes:


DEEP RELAXATION, supporting you to let go on a physical and mental level.


RESOURCING so you can begin to feel more resilient, grounded and at ease in yourself, and more responsive to life’s complexities.


DEEPENING INTO PRESENCE AND EMBODIMENT so you can pay greater attention to your moment-to-moment experience.


ATTENDING TO THE DEEP PROGRAMS THAT ARE RUNNING YOUR LIFE so you can be clearer about, and more effective with, what is important to you.


DEEPENING YOUR SENSE OF CONNECTION with yourself, others, the world and beyond.


DISCOVERING NEW & MORE CREATIVE PATTERNS OF THOUGHT, helping you to think outside the box and make new, healthier and more expansive choices in the world.


YOU BECOMING MORE UNIQUELY YOU and starting to wake up to your true potential and innate body-wisdom.


* Please note: This work is not equivalent to, or a substitute for, psychotherapy or conventional medicine.


“I went to see Dixie when I was in a very delicate physical situation. I needed the right person with the right energy around me, and I got exactly that. A soft and accepting presence with clear inner intelligence, and a partner to be there with me.

I took home with me the ideas of body based mindfulness Dixie presented during our sessions. So my progress, slowly, took shape not by actions but by allowing undoing, non-judgmental observation, and establishing a connection to the invisible small small sensations.

All in all the sessions are really relaxing. It’s a mystery – as not much is actually going on on the surface, but that’s the magic of it.”
– Ali

“At each session and for a few days later, i feel things “moving” in my body and in my mind.

I feel lighter and relaxed.

Thanks, Dixie.”

– Véronique


“In my sessions with Dixie, I meet myself on a deeper, spiritual, energetic level and afterwards I am always deeply relaxed and in harmony with my body, mind and soul. With and through Dixie, I experience direct access to myself. Her work heals and reaches so many levels of my being.”

– Liv, actress.


“Sessions with Dixie are always a deeply relaxing experience for me. With their empathetic, non-judgmental and gentle approach, I feel safe and am able to open myself to the work. After the sessions, my body provided me with physical or emotional feedback with which I could continue to work with my psychotherapist.”

– Karen, cultural manager

“I still can’t fully describe how it works, but during and after every session I feel things in my body – and heart/mind/soul – loosen, shift or otherwise move.
Thank you!”
– Nino, Artist

“I started these sessions with a completely open mind. I was curious to see if it could help with the low mood, impatience and frustration that I had been experiencing. I was really surprised by how quickly and profoundly the sessions had an effect on me – I feel noticeably lighter, happier and more in control of my emotions. I also really enjoy Dixie’s energy and the authenticity and passion she brings to her work.”
– Sylvia, Product Manager

“My session with Dixie was unexpectedly useful to drain my mind of thoughts that were hidden silent, scan them and let them go.”
– Celeste, 42

“I’m a skeptic by profession and rationalist by choice. So it’s no surprise that I was highly doubtful if the practice would do anything for me. Up to this day, I have not even the slightest idea what Dixie is doing in our sessions – but I swear by God – it helps beyond compare. I wouldn’t mind having it every day right after waking up.”
– Max, Copy Writer

“I leave each session feeling much better and more at ease. With her gentle and empathetic nature, Dixie creates a safe and supportive environment that allows me to fully relax and let go.”

– Theresa, teacher.

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