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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST):

is a gentle + touch-based bodywork // originates from osteopathy // works with the origin of symptoms, whether physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual // assists in processing unresolved experiences // can help bring the body-mind system back into a state of balance // supports the body’s ability to self-repair // can help with physical injuries / stress / trauma / emotional blockages / low energy / overwhelm / headache / anxiety / and more

Craniosacral Biodynamics can help you:


RELEASE PHYSICAL INJURIES AND PATTERNS so you can live with greater ease and enjoyment.


REFRAME OLD STORIES in a way that helps you move on, without diving into the stories you have been carrying.


DEVELOP GREATER RESILIENCE so you can begin to feel more grounded and at ease in yourself, and more responsive to life’s complexities.


DEEPEN INTO PRESENCE AND EMBODIMENT so you can pay greater attention to your moment-to-moment experience.


ATTEND TO THE DEEP PROGRAMS THAT ARE RUNNING YOUR LIFE so you can be clearer about, and more effective with, what is important to you.


DEEPEN YOUR SENSE OF CONNECTION with yourself, others, the world and beyond.


DISCOVER NEW & MORE CREATIVE PATTERNS OF THOUGHT, helping you to think outside the box and make new, healthier and more expansive choices in the world.


BECOME MORE UNIQUELY YOU and start to wake up to your true potential and innate body-wisdom.


* Please note: BCST is not equivalent to, or a substitute for, psychotherapy or conventional medicine.

About me

I’m Dixie, a registered biodynamic craniosacral practitioner from London, now in Berlin.

I’m also a somatics, movement + meditation facilitator. I make artwork, have no tattoos yet (despite being in Berlin for over 2 years) and have quite a British sense of humour.

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"Most of us were brought up on power, that is the patriarchal society, the patriarchal mode. We unconsciously use it. And bodyworkers sometimes think they know what the body should do. They don't! - any more than the analyst knows what the psyche should do. Bodywork that is an exercise of power is entirely wrong, another violation of the body. The needed bodywork is the bodywork where the soul is listened to, respected, and given its outlet. [...]

– Marion Woodman

The soul loves to move, to express, to be free, and hates domination and desertion. Bodyworkers must surrender any power ideas, must surrender, because the soul has taken all the power it can take. It will not tolerate any more. Listen to the soul. Love it. Give it back its dance. Then give the soul a format for understanding, for integration, and for anchoring."

– Marion Woodman.

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?


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