Craniosacral BIODYNAMICS

Your body has natural intelligence. It has an extraordinary capacity towards healing and regeneration. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is working in co-operation with the subtle forces within you that are always looking to restore balance and maximise health in body, mind and soul.

Image: Dixie Turner, 2012

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)?

Cranio is a holistic, touch-based modality of bodywork, coming from Osteopathy. It works not only on the physical body (injuries, stresses and strains etc) but also directly with the subtle forces of energetics at play within each of us, and it does this without using any biomechanical manipulations or force from outside.

Craniosacral biodynamics works through the light touch of the practitioner as they listen to your body, sensing where unprocessed experiences and stressors may be held within your tissues.

These held experiences, whether resulting from physical injury or emotional difficulties can affect our sense of well-being, our development and our current and future possibilities in all kinds of ways.

How does it work?

When you have unprocessed experiences, these can create pockets of stuckness within you and the natural motion and rhythms and flow within your body – of tissues, bones and fluid – can become restricted.

Your life can become restricted, effecting your connection and availability to yourself and others.

Craniosacral biodynamics works with all of you – body, soul and mind – as a fluid whole. Even when you are feeling at your most stuck, the biodynamic approach recognises that within you there is a whole world, curling and uncurling, spiraling and unspiraling, full of motion.

The cranio practitioner senses into these rhythms and motions, sensing vitality and potential. Where there is movement, there is possibility. Through gentle touch, cranio can release areas of stuckness, helping to restore vitality and flow throughout your system.

Image: Dixie Turner, 2012

What untapped potential is caught inside you, waiting to be released?

Your history is alive not just as stories in your mind and memory, but also as stories that are held within your body; woven into the fabric of your being. But your history doesn’t have to run the show. How you relate to your histories and how tightly they are woven-in is one aspect of what we are addressing in craniosacral biodynamics. What endless possibilities exist within you when those histories start to shift, will be for you to explore.

Craniosacral Biodynamics can help you:


RELEASE PHYSICAL INJURIES AND PATTERNS so you can live with greater ease and enjoyment.


REFRAME OLD STORIES in a way that helps you move on, without diving into the stories you have been carrying.


DEVELOP GREATER RESILIENCE so you can begin to feel more grounded and at ease in yourself, and more responsive to life’s complexities.


DEEPEN INTO PRESENCE AND EMBODIMENT so you can pay greater attention to your moment-to-moment experience.


ATTEND TO THE DEEP PROGRAMS THAT ARE RUNNING YOUR LIFE so you can be clearer about, and more effective with, what is important to you.


DEEPEN YOUR SENSE OF CONNECTION with yourself, others, the world and beyond.


DISCOVER NEW & MORE CREATIVE PATTERNS OF THOUGHT, helping you to think outside the box and make new, healthier and more expansive choices in the world.


BECOME MORE UNIQUELY YOU and start to wake up to your true potential and innate body-wisdom.

* Please note: BCST is not equivalent to, or a substitute for, psychotherapy or conventional medicine.

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